Patina bracelet
Beautifil patina bracelet
Brazalete de patina
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Brazalete pátina | Patina bracelet

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Brazalete con acabado de pátina natural y detalle de plegado central.

Ancho del brazalete: 5 cms


Para frenar la propagación de la pandemia causada por la Covid-19, además de seguir todas las indicaciones difundidas desde las autoridades y protegeros a todos vosotros, hemos extremado las medidas de higiene y desinfección de todas las piezas que salen del taller hacia vuestros hogares. Estamos utilizando desinfectantes con fórmulas respetuosas sin lejía, para evitar irritaciones en la piel y mantener el buen estado de vuestras joyas.


Bracelet with a natural patina finish and central fold detail.

Bracelet width: 5 cms


Eco silver is an alternative available on the market that comes from the medical, jewelry, techbology and gift industries. It is recycled silver that we are giving a new use (recycle and reuse) ♻️


In order to stop the spread of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, in addition to following all the indications spread from the authorities and protecting all of you, we have taken extreme measures of hygiene and disinfection of all the pieces that leave the workshop towards your homes. We are using disinfectants with respectful formulas without bleach, to avoid skin irritations and maintain the good condition of your jewelry.

We will maintain this measure indefinitely. With this we trust that we will all keep our shopping experience more relaxed and pleasant. Thank you!